Isaac Murdoch & Matt Epp Share New Single ‘Everything We Need’

Isaac Murdoch (Bomgiizhik), an Anishinaabe Ojibway artist from Serpent River First Nation - a member of the Fish Clan - where he grew up in the traditional setting of hunting and gathering on the land, has teamed up with fellow Canadian singer and songwriter Matt Epp to deliver a captivating collaborative album titled You Were Chosen to Be Here. 
Taken from this album is the lovely single Everything We Need which was inspired by climate change and human alienation from nature. This song paints a beautiful picture of how happy life could be without the excesses that are causing massive destruction of life on earth. I am really enjoying the earthy, warm atmosphere of the song packed with a memorable flute that is nicely intertwined with intricate acoustic guitar melodies on which Matt Epp's smooth vocals flow effortlessly over. I am also enjoying Nora Kotkas' backing vocals which enhance the emotion of the song. This is quite an enthralling listening experience perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!