Hayley Sales Shares New Single ‘Lifeguard’

American/Canadian award-winning and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter (Universal Music Group), actress and producer Hayley Sales has just shared her brand new single Lifeguard, a captivating indie-pop song. 
I am really enjoying Hayley's superb vocals and how they are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting us to her honest storytelling. Lifeguard is a song about being heartbroken and wanting to be saved from such devastating dark place. This message is wrapped around a raw a soulful-infused pop song packed with emotive piano chords nicely paired with lush strings, steady percussion and cool guitar riffs that create an overall warm and emotional atmosphere. 
Accompanying the song, Hayley Sales has shared its official music video which beautifully embodies the emotional atmosphere of her storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Hayley Sales said she wrote it,
from a place so thick with devastation I could barely breathe - a place where the only light I could see was kidnapped by the shards of a very shattered heart. Someone tells a rumor. It spreads with the fierceness of a wildfire and lights up the imagination of the entire city. For me, it’s a painfully true story. I lost my boyfriend of many years. I lost my home. I lost my friends. My reputation.