Emily Clair Shares New Single ‘Limousine’

Canadian country artist Emily Clair has just shared her brand new single Limousine, a lovely Country song about the struggles one goes through when wanting to forgive but still not being able to forget. 
Written in Nashville by noted Canadian singer-songwriters Jessica Mitchell, Patricia Conroy, and Dave Thomson, and produced by CMAO Award-nominated producer Shawn Moore, Limousine is a contemplative ballad that beautifully showcases Emily Clair's powerful and emotive vocals that effortlessly connect the listener to its relatable message. We may end up forgiving someone that has hurt us but sometimes it's hard to forget the painful memories and the challenge is to find a way to build trust again. This emotional ballad is punctuated by a bold melody and an eclectic combination of lush strings, jangly guitar lines, emotive piano keys and steady drums that create a warm and intimate atmosphere for Emily Clair's vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about her interest in recording Limousine and the meaning of the song itself, Emily Clair says,
 When I sing a ballad, I want people to feel emotionally connected throughout the journey of the song. As a demo, this song connected with me because of its message. It’s about the challenges that can come with forgiveness when we can’t forget, and how letting someone into your life can be hindered by difficulties of letting the painful memories of someone else go.