Ellevator Shares New Single ‘Charlie IO’

Canadian band Ellevator have just shared their brand new single Charlie IO, the second single to be taken from their upcoming debut album set to arrive in 2022. 
I am really enjoying Nabi Sue Bersche's gorgeous vocals and arresting lyricism which instantly drew my attention to their storytelling. Charlie IO is a mid-tempo indie-pop song about confronting a friend who’s seeking self-discovery through psychedelics and other pseudo-religious escapisms without doing the hard and un-sexy work of real self-reflection and owning your shit. It does take a lot of work to do a proper self-reflection and I love the way Ellevator capture this through a memorable piece of music with expressive vocals soaring beautifully intricate guitar riffs nicely paired with steady percussion and emotive piano keys that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!