Eli Gosling Shares New Single ‘Fix This Love’

British singer and songwriter Eli Gosling has just shared his brand new single Fix This Love, a captivating piece of Rap/Hip-Hop music out now via Goldun Egg Records. 
Fix This Love opens with melodic electric guitar and quickly evolves with a deep bassline and percussive layers that draw reference to the UK grime scene. I am very fond of the way Eli Gosling's vocal, hypnotic and at times despairing, complements the eb and flow of the track as he opens up about trying to fix the toxic elements of a relationship. The song has a cool, effortless flow packed with a memorable trap-infused beat and passionate vocals that make the song quite a memorable listening experience. Check it out below!



Eli said about the track,
’Fix this love’ is a song I wrote about the toxic elements of a deep relationship and what you feel and go through in these times. All you want to do is fix the love, but however hard you try, you just can’t and you either have to accept that’s the way it is, or move on.