Edison Miller Shares Debut Single ‘White Silhouettes’

South London singer-songwriter Edison Miller makes his official music introduction with the release of his debut single White Silhouettes
Produced by Grammy-award winner Cameron Craig (Tom Grennan, Amy Winehouse, Adele), White Silhouettes is an upbeat indie-rock song packed with nostalgia and regrets you feel after a wild night out, loaded with energy and a hook-laden chorus. I am really enjoying his confident, passionate vocal delivery and how it soars beautifully over the catchy bass, soaring guitar riffs and punchy percussion.
Speaking about the song, Miller says,
'White Silhouettes is about losing yourself to a night out, drug and alcohol-induced blackouts and all the shit that comes with that like losing friends, hurting people then coming home in the morning, the sun is up and you’re left with anxiety and guilt but a faint feeling that things will be okay. It's also about struggling to find yourself, losing focus in your adolescence and youth, but things eventually come together and you find the ‘light’ when you come ‘home,’ in a metaphorical sense.'
Accompanying the release, Edison Miller has shared its official music video which beautifully embodies the song's energetic atmosphere. Check it out below!