Daniel James McFadyen Shares New Single ‘August, I’m Yours’

Canadian singer and songwriter Daniel James McFadyen has just shared his brand new single August, I'm Yours, the title track of his debut album which is out now! 
I am loving Daniel's gorgeous, expressive vocals which are packed with so much emotion that instantly connects the listener's to his storytelling. August, I’m Yours is a song about the end of summer drenched with nostalgia and the feeling that you didn't use your time wisely wishing you could have done more with the time you had. The season is now over and melancholia kicks in, leaving us with a sense of abandonment. This beautifully-written song is wrapped around a warm and intimage acoustic guitar-driven melody that is nicely intertwined with emotive piano chords that enhance the emotion pouring from his gorgeous vocals. This is one of those songs that I'd play on those rainy days home alone, feeling a bit melancholic and stuck in my own thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Daniel says,
I think that these lines sum up the feeling of the end of summer. There’s a new smell in the air and everything feels a bit crisper. You can start to see your breath and there’s a sense of abandonment. Summer always goes by so quickly in Canada and you always feel that you didn’t take advantage of the time you had.