Dana Williams Shares New Single ‘Let Me’

American singer and songwriter Dana Williams has just shared her brand new single Let Me, a gorgeous indie r&b song about the range of feelings that come with a new relationship, from excitement to anxiety, certainty to doubt. 
I am a fan of Dana Williams's honeyed vocals and how they are packed with tons of soul and emotion, beautifully drawing our attention to her relatable storytelling. Let Me is a song about the rush of feelings we have when starting a new relationship, from the anxiety and fear, to excitement and happiness of starting something new. This message is wrapped around a captivating indie r&b production with lush guitar strums nicely paired with a warm bass and killer beat that create an overall sensual atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Dana Williams says,
'Let Me' is a flirtatious song about the fear and excitement that uncertain feelings at the beginning of a relationship can induce. The anxious inner monologue, contemplating about what the future holds.