Dalton Mauldin Shares New Single ‘cherry lime’

Nashville-based indie-pop singer and songwriter Dalton Mauldin has just shared his brand new single cherry lime, a fun, uptempo track out now via Snafu Records. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, expressive vocals which glide beautifully over the upbeat production, effortlessly connecting the listener's to his storytelling. Produced by Tyler Constantino, cherry lime is a nostalgia-infused piece of music about a scent and flavour that reminds you of someone from your past reminding you of someone from the past. This relatable song is wrapped around a captivating indie-pop production with gorgeous guitar riffs nicely paired with a steady beat and lush harmonies that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that oozes carefree summer vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dalton Mauldin said,
Everyone has that certain smell or flavor that reminds them of someone they knew before, or wish they still knew. This song is about the scent and flavor ´cherry lime´ that reminds me of someone from the past. Every time I would smell this scent or taste this flavor, I would feel at home and comfortable because it reminded me of that person. It still makes me feel so loved from the past.