Curtis Walsh Shares New Single ‘Sitting Ducks’

Following on from the huge response to his recently released single Picture Perfect, Irish singer and songwriter Curtis Walsh shares his captivating new single Sitting Ducks, out now via Paragon Records. 
Produced by the ever-impressive Brian Fennell aka SYML, Sitting Ducks is a heartfelt piece of music that inspires the listener to push through adversity, to overcome hardships and grow stronger from it. This powerful message is wrapped around a polished piano-led production with warm, expansive electronics, intricate acoustic guitar plucks and lush synths that create a heartfelt and romantic atmosphere. I am a fan of Curtis Walsh's powerful vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of his storytelling. This is one of those songs I'd play while home alone with my thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new offering, Curtis said, 
It's been the guts of 2 years now in the making. This song is really important to me so I was determined to make sure I got it as close to perfect as possible before releasing it into the world. Everyone has hardship going on in their lives - some worse than others but I’m a strong believer that every bit of pain and discomfort you face is a test for whether you’ll grow or wallow in the suffering - and I know just how easy it is to stop pushing forward and wallow - so this is a song I feel I once needed to hear, and that hopefully a lot of others can use as a driving force into a better future and a better you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.