Chxrlotte Shares New Single ‘What are you afraid of?’

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Chxrlotte has just shared her brand new single What are you afraid of?, an ethereal slice of dark synth-pop music that oozes Halloween vibes.
I am really enjoying Chxrlotte's confident, expressive vocal delivery which is wrapped around an eclectic blend of pop, neo-folk and synthwave genres. What are you afraid of? is a song about not being in a good place, thinking terrible things about yourself and wondering if people would still want to be your friend. The song enhances the importance of mental health and is a way to bring comfort to her listeners, making them feel heard. This message is wrapped around an infectious production with a memorable chorus and an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that makes this a cool song to play during a Halloween party. Check it out below!



Of the new single, Chxrlotte says,
I wrote it back when I was in hospital in February. At the time I felt like my depression was destroying everything and everyone around me. The chorus is sarcastically asking people if they wanna be my friend, after I’ve just listed off some of the terrible things I think about myself. The tone of the song is deeply sardonic, obviously, no one in their right mind would want to be my friend after hearing all the things I’ve said about myself, and so I ask them ‘What are you afraid of?