Chess Galea Shares New Single ‘Amber Lights’

London based R&B-Pop singer-songwriter Chess Galea has just shared her brand new single Amber Lights, a super smooth piece of R&B out now via CG Records. 
I am loving Chess Galea's smooth, honeyed vocals which instantly draw my attention to her storytelling. Amber Lights is a relatable song about struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, and how it can be quite crippling to one's life. I can completely relate to this song as hesitation and second-guessing myself has been the norm, especially when it involves going out and meet new people. This honest storytelling is wrapped around a gorgeous production that blends tight guitar lines, swaying beats, electronic bass and washy synths that create a vibey, melancholic R&B soundscape on which her pop-infused vocal lines soar effortlessly over. This is one of those songs that ooze laid-back, weekend vibes and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below!



Speaking on the new single Chess Said:

I wrote Amber Lights with Lily Lyons, who I met through after an all women's virtual songwriting camp in March 2021 during the pandemic. She's in LA (and so is my producer Jeff) and I'm in London but despite the physical distance, we still managed to create such a vulnerable and intimate song. Amber Lights explores the cagings of anxiety, especially social anxiety, and self-doubt. Amber Lights represent that hesitation, that getting ready to go but not quite making it, that slowing down because you don't quite have the courage or strength to be totally yourself. It's funny because the title came before the concept of the song. I was walking home from the train station one day and passed traffic lights thinking - Hmm, Amber Lights seems like a cool name for a song…