Ceeko Shares New Single ‘Mental’

Melbourne-based singer/producer/songwriter Ceeko has just shared his brand new single Mental, a candid R&B song about the struggles of feeling trapped. 
Written at the height of emotions that followed from his recent decision to step away from a record deal to become independent, Mental comes as an embodiment of the feelings that Ceeko found himself caught up in. It’s a tune that unapologetically recounts the torment of feeling trapped and diving into the unknown, while also serving as an ode to his newfound freedom. I think most of us can relate to feeling trapped at some point in time and I really like how honest Ceeko is with his storytelling. I am also very fond of his gorgeous, soulful vocals which are packed with raw honesty and emotion, instantly drawing the listener's attention to his lyrics. This message is wrapped around a polished alt-R&B production packed with a killer bass nicely intertwined with nostalgic keys, skittering beats and lovely harmonies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. 
On the track Ceeko said,
With everything going on, compound with lockdown and being stuck at home, I was just in a really weird place of feeling trapped mentally and emotionally. It was quite special because writing the song gave me a sense of freedom. It’s kind of my anthem; my cry to self that I won't let anything hold me down.
Accompanying the release, Ceeko has shared its official music video, by 76M Films, which creatively captures the mental struggles that embody the song through sombre visuals and deviceful symbolism. The endless water depicts a sense of isolation and loneliness, but for Ceeko it’s also a symbol for peace. Check it out below!