BLÁNID Shares New Single ‘Dead Men Dancing’

Irish singer and songwriter BLÁNID has just shared her brand new single Dead Men Dancing, a captivating indie-folk song about feeling lost in a disintegrating relationship. 
I am loving BLÁNID's enchanting and ethereal-like vocals and harmonies which instantly make this song quite a memorable listening experience. Dead Men Dancing is a song about feeling lost in a fragmented relationship and BLÁNID's softly captivating vocals beautifully deliver a melancholic waltzing sound with a distinct celtic influence. Her vocals are nicely wrapped around a swirling soundscape packed with intricate guitar melodies and hauntingly beautiful atmospherics that create an overall warm and dreamy atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!



Discussing the new track, BLÁNID reveals,
Oddly enough the idea came to me when I was watching the 80s comedy film, Airplane 2. There's a moment where a character sees two dead men waltzing outside of the spacecraft. Though the moment is comedic, the image seemed to have an awful majesty about it, and it stayed with me for a long time. Much later on when I was writing about a situation I was in, it struck me that me and this other person were like those two men dancing. We were rotating in stasis, trying to pretend that everything was fine when really, we were suffocating.