Ben Provencial Shares New Single ‘Forget About Me’ ft. Jaylon Ashaun

Atlanta-based bedroom pop singer and songwriter Ben Provencial has just shared his brand new single Forget About Me, a catchy song about infidelity and broken promises in a relationship. 
Out now via IAMFEELING MUSIC, Forget About Me features fellow Atlanta-based artist Jaylon Ashaun who provides a catchy second verse leading back into Ben’s irresistible hook. I am loving Ben's super smooth vocals and how expressive his vocal delivery is, beautifully conveying the emotion of his relatable storytelling. This cool song navigates through the many emotions of a messy breakup, teetering between tears and regret, being wrapped around a memorable production packed with an infectious beat, catchy guitar riffs, killer bass and cool rhythms that creates an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ben Provencial said,
The song basically wrote itself, it’s about infidelity and broken promises in a relationship. I think cheating is one of the most destructive things you can do to your significant other.