Audriix Shares New Single ‘I Choose Me’

Bay Area native pop singer/songwriter Audriix has just shared her brand new single I Choose Me, her personal declaration of self love, self worth, and empowerment, taking a stand on the importance of following her own authentic path and putting herself first. 
Out now via Recursive Leap Records, I Choose Me beautifully showcases Audriix's storytelling abilities and powerful, anthemic vocals that soar effortlessly over a high-energy pop production packed with shimmering synths and infectious percussion. I am really enjoying the way Audriix inspires others to stop giving energy to those who don't deserve it and to instead let themselves shine. I'm also particularly fond of the groovy guitar strums and the burst of energy on the bridge (with the thundering drums) and how the song has an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for those moments when you need a boost of confidence and energy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Audriix said,
There are going to be people who try to bring you down and control you and bring darkness into your life. This is my declaration that my life is mine--I choose me!