Anna Rune Shares New Single ‘The Secret’

Belgian singer and songwriter Anna Rune has just shared her brand new single The Secret, a melancholy-infused piece of indie-pop music out now via M.A.P. Records. 
The title track of her 4-track EP, out now, The Secret is a powerful song about the anxiety and depression that come with keeping a secret following trauma. This personal, honest storytelling is wrapped around a memorable piano-driven indie-pop production that enhances the emotion pouring from Anna Rune's luscious vocals. The song shares a positive message to all those dealing with any kind of mental health issues to speak up and feel no shame about it. I am loving the dramatic and melancholic atmosphere of the production and how Anna's vocals are packed with raw, honest emotion. Accompanying the release, Anna Rune has shared its official music video, directed by Rebecca Weltner, which beautifully embodies the song's atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Anna Rune said,
I wrote The Secret about something I kept to myself for almost 4 years. Being ashamed of it, convinced it was all my own fault and that I did it to myself, I completely misunderstood what was happening to me. I had an eating disorder. The truth is, it has little to do with weight and all the more to do with control, as a reaction to trauma, sadness or to deal with difficult emotions. Eventually it lead me to falling into a depression and an anxiety disorder, which was the moment I finally ased for help. Talking about it and confronting myself and my friends and family with it was the hardest thing I had to do, but also the only road to recovery. This song is my reminder for anyone dealing with any kind of mental health struggles to speak up and for heaven sake not to do what I did. It's time to let it out, I feel no shame anymore. I am healthy now and in recovery and even though this animal might still lure around the corner sometimes, this release keeps me fighting to never let it in again.