Anjelica Shares New Single ‘Haystack’ ft. RMR

American singer, songwriter and producer Anjelica has just shared her brand new single Haystack, featuring Atlanta's RMR. 

I am loving Anjelica's lush, sultry vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the captivating production. I am loving how Anjelica and RMR's vocals beautifully complement one another and how they are backed by a gorgeous blend of electronic, pop and r&b elements. There is something dreamy about this song that keeps me coming back to it. I am particularly fond of the bass and lush synths that are paired with cool percussion and warm atmospherics that enhance the song's chill vibes. Haystack is a perfect song for those laid-back, relaxing days at home as its soothing melodies and gorgeous vocals create an atmosphere that feel like a warm embrace. Check it out below!