Angus Powell Shares New Single ‘Holding Up The Heavy’

Welsh singer and songwriter Angus Powell has just shared his brand new single Holding Up The Heavy, the first single to be taken from his forthcoming EP, H U T H
Out now via Halogen Music/AWAL, Holding Up The Heavy was recorded in Berlin, produced and co-written with German writer/producers Christian Neander (Selig/Christina Stürmer etc) and Jem (Udo Lindenburg/Andreas Bourani), and beautifully showcases Angus Powell's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. I am loving the tone of his voice and how the subtle rasp enhances the emotion pouring from his effortless vocal delivery. The song has somewhat of a melancholic touch that I find very captivating and I am also fond of the lush guitar riffs which are nicely paired with steady percussion and lush atmospherics that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Holding Up The Heavy sounds like one of those songs you'd play while driving during sunset or when you are home alone with your thoughts. check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Angus Powell said, 
I had been writing throughout this period, aiming for the second record. I think I was writing ‘Before The Grey’ again. Having written all my material myself to date I'd never even considered co-writing as an option, but then it became a breath of fresh air.. Over the next few months I travelled to Berlin and Copenhagen. Met some amazing people who have become good friends. The new material has evolved. It's the same bones but with fresh clothing. The signature sound stays the same but the productions are bigger and at times have a more commercial edge. The first release has been produced by Jem and Christian Neander, Two amazing guys...