Andreww Shares New Single ‘Surprise’

British model, singer and songwriter Andreww has just shared his brand new single Surprise, an alt-rock, grunge-inspired single about the notion of time. Out now via Misled Records, 
Surprise is yet another gorgeous piece of music from the talented artist and continues to showcase his non conforming, rebellious nature with a revamped, explorative and contemporary sound. The song explores how time can pass by quite quickly and that we should be careful to not miss years of our own lives. I am a fan of his smooth, effortless vocal delivery and how it is nicely backed by driving guitar riffs nicely paired with catchy percussion, creating an overall warm atmosphere. Surprise is lighter and brighter than previous offerings, showcasing another side to the multifaceted musician. The song's captivating blend of alt-rock, lo-fi, indie and 90's grunge elements make it quite an enthralling and memorable listening experience. Accompanying the release, Andreww has shared its official music video, directed by Felix Aaron, which beautifully embodies the song's atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Andreww said,
As I'm getting older I'm thinking more about the notion of time and if you're not careful days bleed into months and months bleed into years and before you know it you haven’t been part of your own life. Regarding the sound of the new song I wanted to try something a bit different but still make sure it has my signature sound and I really think that we managed to do that.