AJ Smith Shares New Single ‘Cooler’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter AJ Smith has just shared his brand new single Cooler, a slick piece of indie-pop music about the nerves one has when going on a first date. 
I am loving his distinctive vocals and how they are packed with emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to his relatable storytelling. Cooler is a song about the insecurities, nerves and internal monologue one has when going on a first date, wanting to play it cool so you can get a second date. Apart from his gorgeous vocals I am loving the lush guitar riffs throughout the song and how it beautifully accompanies AJ Smith's effortless vocal delivery. The guitars are later joined by punchy percussion and cool electric guitar riffs that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for those introspective days home alone. Accompanying the release, AJ Smith shared its official music video, directed by Whitney Wolanin, which gives a cinematic touch to the song that I really like. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, AJ Smith said,
First dates, insecurities, worrying we might say the wrong thing and lose our chance at true love. We've all been there. "Cooler" is a song about those nerves and the internal dialog I've had whenever I've met someone new. Wishing to be cooler, hoping to get a second chance if I messed up this first one. It's a really fun song with a hook that takes the listener into a whole new world. I wrote it with my close friends Jenson, Sarah, and Bhav and we had such an incredible time pulling this song together. I hope it gives someone the confidence they need to boldly be themselves and recognize they're already "cooler" the way they are.