AIR APPARENT Drops New Single ‘All By Yourself’ feat. Krysta Youngs & Julia Ross

San Francisco's very own fast-rising DJ and producer, AIR APPARENT, has just shared his brand new single All By Yourself, featuring Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross. 
Out now via Unapparent Records, All By Yourself is a dreamy indie-pop song about self-growth and personal discovery, reminding listeners of the inherent beauty that can result from being alone with oneself, and allowing focus to sink from the mind the heart. This message is beautifully conveyed through Krysta Youngs's sweet, airy vocals which glide effortlessly over the polished electronic production packed with a driving subtle beat, dream-like guitar riffs and lush, euphoric synth rhythms. The song oozes summer vibes with the synths giving it a warm and hazy vibe. Check it out below!



Describing All By Yourself, AIR APPARENT says,
There’s an empowered feeling telling someone they’re no good for you and making it clear to them that they’ll have to find solace alone. Rather than sulking in sadness, ‘All By Yourself’ differs from the typical break-up song, showcasing the individual growth of ending a relationship.
Describing the collaboration with Krysta Youngs on the track, AIR APPARENT says,
Having worked with her before, I reached out to Krysta via IG because I thought her and Julia could probably crack open a killer topline from the strong basis I felt it had. I shared some of the adjectives/vibes I felt it evoked for me, and Krysta and Julia took that and ran with it! They came up with the first draft/demo which felt great from the get-go. The hook itself was actually the same tune as the vocal sample I had originally put in the concept, and it just ended up working perfectly for the actual melody. We went back and forth on some of the tweaks via email, and Krysta sent back a bunch of layers that I was able to plug into the song to really breathe life into it.