WAYI Shares New Single ‘Chill’

Belgo-Congolese artist WAYI has just shared her brand new single Chill, a smooth R&B song out now via Weird !s Good. 
I am loving WAYI's lush, sultry vocals which are packed with tons of soul and flow beautifully over the smooth r&b production. Chill sees WAYI in a hedonistic scenario, suggestively convincing the listener to give in to temptation. This message is wrapped in deep, tantalising synths that are nicely paired with a memorable downtempo groove and guitar solo. This song oozes sensual vibes and sounds perfect for those chill bedroom sessions with someone special. 
Accompanying the release, WAYI has shared its official music video, directed by Luca Van Ecke, which beautifully set the mood creating a cosy yet sultry atmosphere where the temperature keeps rising. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, WAYI said,

I was invited by a well known artist who would rap on the track. His first idea was that I would write and record the chorus only. So I did. Eventually the song was never released so I asked the artist if I could use the beat and he was down for it! Producer Enikao continued working on Chill with me and to add the cherry on top of this teasing song I wrote, he made sure my very first video clip would support the sexiness of the song. I’m so excited for the world to hear and see this.