Valntna Shares New Single ‘Camouflage’ - Photography by Ravi Chandarana

South London-based R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Valntna has just shared her brand new single Camouflage, a warm and soulful piece of music.
Co-written by Pink Mayne, Camouflage is a captivating soul/r&b song about the desire to blend in with an environment that isn't in line with who you truly are. 
I adore Valntna's sultry, soulful vocals and how they are packed with so much heart and soul, effortlessly drawing my attention to her storytelling. I am also very fond of her dreamy harmonies and how her vocals are backed by a warm soul-infused r&b production packed with lush acoustic guitar riffs. A great song to listen to on a relaxing evening at home. Check it out below!