VALÉ Shares New Single ‘tamale’

Colombian singer and songwriter VALÉ has just shared her brand new single tamale, an infectious Latin pop song that oozes feel good vibes and confidence. 
I am really enjoying VALÉ's warm, sultry vocals and how they are backed by a super smooth production that oozes summer vibes. VALÉ's confident vocal delivery soars beautifully over the gorgeous guitar riffs and catchy rhythms that create an overall danceable atmosphere that is packed with tons of confidence and feel-good vibes. tamale is one of those songs for us to play when we are feeling down and want a dose of energy and confidence. I am loving the song's warmth and how it sounds perfect for late summer parties. 
Accompanying the release, VALÉ has shared its official music video that is inspired by the hit YouTube series, Hot Ones, and features a cameo from TikTok foodie Kaila Novak. Check it out below!



VALÉ on tamale:
At times, I feel like my self worth is dependent on other people's approval, which I think a lot of kids my age can relate to. When I feel like that, I always turn to a few songs that take me out of that slump, so I wanted to write a song like that for myself and others - something that can be thrown on and make you feel straight-up powerful and confident. I grew up in Colombia speaking both Spanish and English. Most of my songs so far have been in English, but I threw in some Spanish on oop and really loved that - so wanted to do more of it on “tamale”. It’s awesome to know that these songs are ones my family and friends in Colombia will really love… and understand!