Stephanie Meincke Shares Debut Single ‘Where Did Your Love Go’

Danish singer and songwriter Stephanie Meincke has just shared her official debut single Where Did Your Love Go, the lead single to be taken from her upcoming album Time set to arrive on October 29th.
I am really enjoying her powerful, passionate vocal delivery which is drenched with emotion and effortlessly draws the listener's attention to her storytelling. Where Did Your Love Go is a song that tries to put words to the thoughts, feelings, and frustrations that may come when growing up in a family with divorced parents. This message is wrapped around a memorable production packed with emotive piano chords that are nicely intertwined with lush brass elements and touches of melancholia that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere packed with raw, honest emotion. Quite an impressive debut single that perfectly showcases Stephanie Meincke's dynamic vocals and storytelling abilities. Check it out below!