Sasha Lopez & Ester Peony Share New Single ‘Tatoué’

Time to dance everybody! Romanian Dance prodigy Sasha Lopez has teamed up with fellow Romanian songstress Ester Peony to deliver a dance/house banger titled Tatoué
Out now via Roton Music, Tatoué sees Sasha Lopez using oriental influences in this infectious electronic song which instantly sets it apart from others within the genre. These influences are nicely paired with lush House elements and a memorable bass that beautifully creates an overall feel-good atmosphere. I've got to say that Ester Peony's emotive, passionate vocal delivery is my favourite part of the song and I love how dynamic her range is and how she instantly infuses the song with a touch of emotion and soul. My French is very, very rusty but this song makes me sing along to it and its overall sun-kissed, feel-good vibes make it a great song for a fun weekend with your friends. Check it out below!