Sam MacPherson Shares New Single ‘Counts’

New Jersey-based singer and songwriter Sam MacPherson has just shared his brand new single Counts, a lovely pop song that captures the tunnel vision nature of being in love. 
Out now via Snafu Records and co-written with Kole (Nicole Cohen), Counts is a song that reaffirms that the present is what counts when you're in love and all of your partners' past, should stay in the past. This message is wrapped around a warm pop production with cool guitar riffs and infectious melodies on which Sam MacPherson's smooth, expressive vocals flow effortlessly over. Counts is perfect for radios and if you're into bedroom/lo-fi pop-infused pop songs with dreamy vocals, then you'll love this song. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sam MacPherson said,
I think often people in relationships experience this funny type of retrospective jealousy where they think about their partners past as if it’s all relevant to the present. This song is a nod to that but also a reaffirmation that when you’re in love, the here and the now is all that really matters and is certainly all that “Counts”.