Robert Taira Wilson Unveils New Single ‘Ana’

British singer and songwriter Robert Taira Wilson has just shared his brand new single Ana, a warm indie-folk/acoustic song. I am really enjoying his earnest, emotive vocal delivery and how it is nicely backed by a warm production. 
Ana is a song about struggling to tell someone how you feel about them and seeing the opportunities slipping away, until they were gone. It shows the feelings one goes through after realising you were too slow to tell them how you feel and now they have moved on and you've lost that opportunity. I am someone that takes a lot of time to say how I feel so I can perfectly relate with this song, with the regret of not doing something and I think many of you will too. This message is wrapped around a stunning acoustic guitar-based production that perfectly backs his lush vocal delivery. Ana is a warm and intimate piece of music that is drenched with emotion and melancholia, perfect for an introspective day at home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Robert Taira Wilson said,

On this one occasion I couldn't quite find the moment to tell someone how I felt about them. I felt the opportunities slipping away and before I knew it they were gone. I felt heavy with inertia and dizzy, like the world was slowly moving beneath my feet. The night was a burning wreckage and as the smoke from it drifted up, I felt myself fall.