Pikes Shares New Single ‘Incels’

Pikes, the moniker of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Christoffer Ling, has just shared his brand new single Incels, the first single leading up to his upcoming album which will be released later this year. 
Out now via ART:ERY Music Group, Incels is a smooth indie-pop song inspired by social events during the latest US presidential election and shares a message that the world isn't all black and white. I am really enjoying the social and political commentary in this song and how he addresses those that live their lives following a script as a way to avoid owning up their own truths. This message is wrapped around a memorable indie-pop production on which his smooth vocals flow beautifully over and create an overall laid-back atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the guitars, killer bass, groovy percussion and warm electronics that allow for the listener to really focus to what he's singing about. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Pikes said,
’Incels’ is a song written last fall when the US was in the middle of the presidential election. I just found it so unbelievable that people’s realities could be so completely different. Do people really believe that the world is black and white? Good and evil? I know through my own experience that living is easier when you’ve got a rule book to follow, but does that mean it’s the right way to go? The people called Incels personify that way of thinking to me. Such a quick solution to not owning your own.