Orlando Hotopf Shares New Single ‘Growing Pains’

Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Orland Hotopf has just shared his sophomore single Growing Pains, out now via Two Keys Records. 
I am loving the tone of his voice and how smoothly his vocal delivery flows over the warm indie-folk production. Produced by Zebastian Swartz and featuring guest vocals from singer Steph Fraser, Growing Pains has a turbulent coming-of-age feel to it that I think you will enjoy. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs that are nicely intertwined with cool percussion and warm atmospherics that make Growin Pains quite an enthralling listening experience. There's somewhat of a melancholic and emotive atmosphere that I really like and I find this song to be perfect to play on a relaxing day home alone, enjoying the lovely harmonies and emotive storytelling. Check it out below!