Nothing In Common Share New Single ‘Starting Over’

Swedish indie/alternative-rock band Nothing In Common, comprising 24-year-old singer, guitarist, and main writer Alice Edstrom, guitarist Pelle Sundin, and drummer Bo Bjorkman, have just shared their brand new single Starting Over, an infectious indie-electronic song out now via Flak Records. 
The second single from their upcoming debut album, Starting Over is an infectious song about the apprehension one feels when faced with having to leave a past lover and find someone new and how there is a contradictory feeling of discomfort brought through the closure of the ended relationship. It shares that even you're apart you still want to know your ex is doing ok. This relatable message is wrapped around a gorgeous indie-electronic production that instantly won me over from the very first seconds. I am particularly fond of Alice Edstrom's smooth, expressive vocals and how they glide beautifully over the memorable driving beat, cool guitar riffs and warm melodies that make it perfect for a laid-back, introspective summer day at home. Check it out below!