Michael Lane Shares New Single ‘Ladybug (Sunset Mix)’

American singer and songwriter Michael Lane has just shared his brand new single Ladybug (Sunset Mix), a dreamy indie-folk song out now via Greywood Records. 
The follow up to his lovely singles Moon & Sun and Fire In The Night, Ladybug (Sunset Mix) is a dreamy piece of music that beautifully showcases Michael Lane's smooth, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities. 
Ladybug was originally released on his sophomore album, The Middle, and is now given a revamped production that breathes new life into it. This is a song about how life is always changing and is wrapped around a memorable acoustic guitar-based melody that backs Michael Lane's gorgeous vocals and dreamy harmonies. This is one of those songs that I'd play when I want to unwind after a stressful day, as its soothing vocals and melodies feel like a warm embrace. Accompanying the release, Michael Lane has shared its official music video which perfectly embodies the song's warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Michael Lane said,
Life, death, and change are things we all have to go through in life. Everything is always changing, the seasons, the weather, everything is in constant motion and change. I always wondered why I only saw the ladybug a short time during the year, and like everything else, its just a part of the bigger scheme of things in the world. I remember sitting playing my guitar, and a ladybug sat on the top of my guitar, just for a second, and then flew away, it was the perfect inspiration for this song. Ladybug was originally released on my second album "The Middle", but i felt that the production didn't quite do it justice, so i re recorded the song, breathing new life into it.