Mia Mormino Shares New Single ‘Stick-Up’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and dancer Mia Mormino has just shared her brand new single Stick-Up, a jazz-inspired piece of music about a bad bitch villain who stomps on men for fun. 
I am very fond of Mia Mormino's vocals and how confident her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the infectious production. Stick-Up paints the picture of a Burlesque dance who's fed up of having creepy men being a bit too frisky with her, so she decides to rob them of all their money. I am really enjoying how this cool storytelling is wrapped around a captivating production with playful melodies that blend elements of jazz and pop into a memorable listening experience. I am particularly fond of the piano chords and brass elements that give the song that timeless appeal. 
Accompanying the release, Mia Mormino has shared its official music video, that she directed with The Crayzies, which perfectly embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mia Mormino said,
If my alter ego was a song, it would be “Stick-Up”. This modernized jazz-inspired piece paints the picture of a Burlesque dancer who’s sick and tired of the creepy men in the audience who get a bit too frisky with her. So naturally, she robs them of all their money. But in this particular case, her target stays persistent so the only action guaranteed to put him in his place is to kill him. Problem solved! This song makes me feel like a super hot, bad bitch villain who stomps on men for fun (goals, am I right?), and I know it will make you feel the same.