Maré & Lara Samira Share New Single ‘Wicked Game’

Italian-German multi-talented DJ/producer Maré has teamed up with fellow German singer and songwriter to deliver their infectious new single Wicked Game, out now via Be Yourself Music. 
A cover of Chris Isaak's classic hit single Wicked Game, this new version gives the original a House touch that oozes chill summer vibes. I am very fond of Lara Samira's smooth, dreamy vocals which mix innocence with hazy allure while flowing over Maxé's polished production. Recognising the original's doomed air, Maré offers dark, slow burning shades while keeping high energy horns at bay. I am particularly fond of the guitar plucks and infectious percussion. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite soothing and it instantly got me in a good mood and longing for a relaxing summer weekend by the beach. Check it out below!