MALEE Shares New Single ‘Dodgeball’

Swedish/American singer and songwriter MALEE has just shared his brand new single Dodgeball, the first single to be taken from his upcoming debut EP, Malee Mart, set to arrive this winter. 
MALEE's genre-bending sonority draws influences from 2000s R&B and contemporary pop rhythms and Dodgeball is a beautifull example of the artist's sound. I am really enjoying his smooth, soulful vocals and how they soar beautifully over the warm, sun-kissed production. 
Out now via Femme Music, Dodgeball is a relatable song about trying to avoid an ex, seeing them in the distance and turning the other way, pointing out how strange it is to have someone that were close to you become a stranger. I think we all did this at some point (I've done it) and I like how MALEE picks this relatable experience and transforms it into a memorable soul-infused piece of indie-r&b. Check it out below!



On the inspiration behind the song, MALEE says,
I wrote this song from a personal experience I had running into an ex. I saw him in the distance and immediately turned the other way. I thought about it afterward, how strange it is that someone who has meant so much to you suddenly becomes a stranger and someone you want to avoid. You start to play this game, where your previous mutual friends get divided into different teams. I think Dodgeball is a great synonym for that all too common emotional game so many of us play.