LX Shares New Single ‘Naked Truth’

LX, the moniker of Pop singer-songwriter Lexy Bradford, has just released her brand new single Naked Truth, an infectious pop song that describing the truths of a toxic relationship while discovering yourself along the way. 
I am really enjoying her dynamic, expansive vocal delivery that exposes the depth of feeling helpless, lost, scared, and confused, letting listeners know they’re not alone. This message is wrapped around a playful-yet-subtle electronic-pop melody packed with subtle chirps of electric guitar, delicate, emotive piano keys and strong drum drops that back her gorgeous vocsls. I am very fond of the way LX's vocals shift from delicate, soft low tones to high skyward tones, effortlessly connecting the listener to her storytelling. 
Accompanying the release, LX has shared its official music video, directed by Jawkeen Howard, which beautifully embodies the song's warmth with a touch of sensuality and confidence. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, LX said,
I want my music to make an impact and inspire people, especially young girls so that they can be strong and independent.