Local Nomad Shares New Single ‘On and On’

Long Island-based singer and songwriter Local Nomad has just shared his brand new single On and On, an upbeat indie-pop song about overcoming hardship. 
I am really enjoying Local Nomad's passionate vocal delivery which soars effortlessly over the upbeat and danceable indie-pop production. This song oozes energy right from the start and it instantly got me in a good mood and ready to face a long day. On and On is a song about overcoming hardship and is wrapped around a high-energy indie-pop production with bright, shimmering synths nicely intertwined with a groovy beat, catchy percussion and soaring guitars that enhance the song's feel-good atmosphere. This is one of those songs perfect to get you ready for a fun weekend with friends. Check it out below!



Local Nomad says on the track,
This is a song I wrote 10 years ago when I was in a band called Gabriel the Marine. My father and my old manager Eddie Levy convinced me to reimagine and produce it It was definitely a strange and uncomfortable feeling, but then I remembered there are many people out there that have never heard this song. It’s hard to describe what I was feeling when I wrote this song because I was 19. I used to write a lot of songs based purely on instinct, but if i had to put a meaning to it I’d have to say this song is about trying to make it as a band in your early 20’s. We made a lot of mistakes. We were young kids when we used to tour in a beat up ford Econoline club wagon and now that I’m older the song takes on a whole new meaning. It still feels pretty damn good. As an adult, the song represents overcoming hardship. Pushing through all the BS life throws your way and rocking with your buds.