Katie Kittermaster Shares New Single ‘Good Liars’

British singer and songwriter Katie Kittermaster is back with yet another heartfelt piece of pop music titled Good Liars
Out now via Revance Records, Good Liars is a song about how pride can affect a relationship. Katie shares a message that it's impossible to hide your feelings from a loved one, as at some point they will find their way to the surface. This message is wrapped around a warm pop production packed with punchy percussion and cool guitar riffs that beautifully back Katie's lovely, dulcet tones and create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Katie Kittermaster said,
Good Liars is about pride and hiding how you feel about the person that you are in a relationship with. A relationship where both parties are not ready to accept their faults so keep 'dancing around' the situation. The idea behind the lyrics 'red out of blue' came from the concept that red can't be made from blue so it's a lie, it's impossible- the same way it is impossible to hide your feelings in the end - red representing love/passion/emotion and blue representing emptiness and sadness. The song has a dark meaning but it sounds like an upbeat bop - this sums up the meaning behind the lyrics and I hope you love it!