Joey Gutos Shares New Single ‘Bad News’

Arizona-based indie-pop singer and songwriter Joey Gutos has just shared his brand new single Bad News, an upbeat pop song about struggling to connect with others. 
Written during the pandemic, Bad News focuses on being unable to connect with other people in person as lockdowns forced us into our homes and many had to put on a happy face as a way to cope with the daily series of bad news. This is a song about yearning for connection and is wrapped around an upbeat production with catchy electric guitar nicely intertwined with cool piano keys, subtle drums, lush synths and warm horns that create a warm atmosphere for Joey Gutos' lovely vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joey Gutos said,
Bad News" was written in the belly of 2020 when my perceptions of reality seemed to be at the mercy of modern media. Unable to connect with my fellow human in the flesh, I was full of angst, yet forced to "put on a happy face" for my own sanity. I wrote "Bad News" in an attempt to express this deep yearning for solace and true human connection while wearing a smile.