J Balvin Shares Live Performance Video Of ‘Fantasías’ For Vevo

5-time LATIN GRAMMY winner J Balvin has just shared a captivating live performance video of his single Fantasías, taken from his new album Jose
This release is part of Vevo’s Official Live Performances and was shot in New York City and sees Balvin in the centre of four Ferraris as the camera pans out to reveal the city skyline. Originally from Medellín, Columbia, Balvin worked closely with Vevo to construct a world as honest and authentic as his music is, centered around a city that has quickly become his second home. A juxtaposition of gritty and polished, flashy yet understated, Balvin makes the city his stage. Check it out below!



Speaking about the collaboration with Vevo, J Balvin said, 
It was an amazing experience working with the Vevo team to bring my new album to life visually with the performance and I'm grateful for their continued support following the Colores campaign we did together. This album is very important to me. I felt like I just wanted to make songs that I would want to hear as a music fan, as Jose, not J Balvin."