Grace Christiansen Shares New Single ‘Summertime’

British singer and songwriter Grace Christiansen has just shared her brand new single Summertime, a beautifully textured and mesmeric song about wanting it to be summer and the life-affirming feelings of joy associated with that thought. 
I am really enjoying Grace's expressive and dynamic vocal delivery which is packed with raw emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to her relatable storytelling. I am also very fond of the joyful and uplifting atmosphere of the song which is enhanced by the rich production packed with intricate guitar riffs and steady percussion. The song was recorded at Hull’s Tyrannosaur Paddock, produced by Dan Spooner (Jack Conman, Alice Clayton) with all the instruments being played by Grace which showcases how much of a gifted artist she is. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Grace said,
The song’s about wanting it to be summer. I had a holiday booked with my partner when I wrote it at my kitchen table in mid-winter. The weather was pretty awful & I closed my eyes & pictured being on a beach with nothing else to do. Everything’s so much better when the sun’s shining & you have an ice cream in your hand! Even though I wrote this song before the pandemic, the lyrics have become more relevant since & I so want to go on adventures again & see the world.