Glass Echoes Share New Single ‘Every Beat Is A Rhythm We Need’

Minneapolis-based duo Glass Echoes, consisting of artists Chris Bartels (Elskavon, Bora York) and Ben Noble, have just shared their brand new single Every Beat Is A Rhythm We Need, a heart-wrenching indie-folk song. 
Taken from their upcoming debut album Breathe, Every Beat Is A Rhythm We Need is their most introspective single so far, a love letter to humanity, reminding listeners that we are first and foremost human, valuable and beautiful. That we all have the ability to love, listen and value each other. This beautiful message is wrapped around a warm production with intricate guitar riffs nicely paired with simple rhythmic layers that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for those lush vocals and storytelling to soar. This is one of those songs I'd play on a relaxing and introspective day home alone with my thoughts. Check it out below!