Freddie Mercer Shares New Single ‘Place In The Sky’

British singer and songwriter Freddie Mercer has just shared his brand new single Place In The Sky, a high-energy indie/alt-rock song.
Co-produced with Alex Ferguson, Place In The Sky is a lockdown-inspired cry of freedom packed with soaring guitars and punchy percussion. I am really enjoying Freddie Mercer's vocals which soar effortlessly over the polished production and convey the anxiety and frustration he was feeling at the time. I am loving the song's anthemic atmosphere and how it sounds perfect to play when I want to feel-good or unwind after a stressful day. I am also very fond of the piano chords and how they are nicely paired with the lush guitars and drums. Definitely a great piece of indie/alt-rock music with honest storytelling and great vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Freddie Mercer says:
This song manifested itself on the piano in lockdown and represents the anxiety and frustration that I was feeling at the time. It began as a Thom Yorke’esque vocal above some punchy piano chords I was hitting hard and then I then took it to my engineer/co-producer and we fleshed it out with the band in the studio; the beat came next as the backbone of the song and then the wicked sounding guitars driving alongside was ours and now it’s yours, Freddie X