Eleanor Hammond Shares New Single ‘Combustion’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Eleanor Hammond has just shared her brand new single Combustion, an infectious pop song about toxic relationships. 
I am really enjoying Eleanor Hammond's expressive vocals and how they effortlessly connect the listener to her relatable storytelling. Combustion was written from personal experience as Eleanor's parents have a toxic relationship which led her to ask how much are we willing to risk to keep staying in an abusive relationship, constantly being in arms with one another. This song shows a more vulnerable and personal side to Eleanor's songwriting and is wrapped around a memorable production packed with lush piano chords that are perfectly intertwined with a killer bass, catchy guitar plucks and steady percussion. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite warm and the chorus is perfect to sing along to. 
Accompanying the release, Eleanor Hammond has shared its official, self-directed music video which perfectly embodies her storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eleanor Hammond said,
Growing up, I always knew my parents needed to get divorced, but they never would. Their relationship was very co-dependent and utterly toxic. Some days, all I wanted to do was run away from home just to get a break. This song was about one of those days. I wrote it in my bedroom while living at home with my parents during the pandemic. One night, I stormed out of the kitchen during one of our explosive family dinners and started playing chords on the piano. The music brought out my feeling: it was like their fury and anger alone could ignite a fire and cause the whole world to combust. Our house could literally be burning down around them, and yet they wouldn't notice: they'd just be stuck perpetually in arms with one another.