CYFAR Shares Debut Single ‘Sober’

London-based, Nigerian singer and songwriter CYFAR makes his official music debut with the release of his addictive single Sober, out now via Home Grown Magic. 
I am really enjoying his effortless vocal delivery and how it flows nicely over the warm blend of Afro-Pop and Contemporary R&B. Sober is a song about staying balanced and chosing to turn your back to all bad influences and addictions as a way to live a sober life and make the ones you love happy. This message is wrapped around infectious melodies that create a warm and laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a long drive or relaxing day at home. Quite an impressive debut which got me excited to want to hear what CYFAR has in store for us. In the meantime, have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking more on Sober, CYFAR explains:
I grew up in a world full of crime, deceit, lies, cheating, gangs etc. You name it and you'd find it in my neck of woods. I have always tried to maintain a balanced personality through all the shadiness going on around me. First, I stayed clean for my mother and then it became for my wife and son. The real truth is where I come from you can't be all clean and only some of us, men especially, are lucky enough to have a loving wife or partner, that spends all their time trying to change us from our error filled ways and vices. This is a song about a man who chose to change his life by becoming 'sober', turning his back on all bad influences and addictions just to bring joy to his woman. It is a fitting tribute to all the great women in our lives who work their socks off making our house a home, and most of all a show of gratitude to the people who stood by us through the harshest of times. A powerful reminder that love truly conquers all.