Clifford Shares New Single ‘Love is Real’

US/UK singer, songwriter and producer Clifford has just shared his brand new single Love is Real, a lovely acoustic pop song out now via Reeves Records.
I am a sucker for acoustic guitar-based songs and this one is perfect for me, oozing raw honesty and emotion. Clifford's distinctive tone and emotive vocal delivery is beautifully enhance by the acoustic guitar plucks that are nicely intertwined with lush strings and a warm beat that create an overall intimate atmosphere. Love is Real is a song about Clifford's biggest hopes in a relationship, finding the one he wants to grow old with. This is a gorgeous song perfect for an intimate and laid-back day at home with your special someone. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Clifford said,
There are double meanings throughout the song about someone’s want for love vs the truth about love. The want for love is about the self while the truth for love is about reality. A loving relationship is a two way street in that you can’t have a strong relationship with someone without having a strong relationship with yourself. In a love relationship both play an important part because reality is now and dreaming is the future.