Boon Unveils New Single ‘Somebody Else’

Nashville-based experimental artist/multi-instrumentalist and producer Boon has just shared his brand new single Somebody Else, a semi-depressing song which is sonically disguised as a feel-good, pop record. 
Boon is known for his masterful mix of genre-bending sounds that meld together a combination of rock, trap, blues, electronic, R&B and pop and Somebody Else is a perfect example of these skills. Out now via Support Your Friends, Somebody Else is a song about being in a relationship and telling the other person tha they could find someone better than you. I am particularly fond of the heavy bass and acoustic guitar riffs that back his smooth, effortless vocal delivery. The song has a captivating warm atmosphere that I find perfect to play while home alone with my thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Boon said, 
I love the irony of having an anthem about being a horrible person and telling your significant other they could do better.