Augustine Unveils New Single ‘Fragrance’

Following the release of his nostalgic ballad Summer Wine, Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Augustine has just unveiled his brand new single Fragrance, a captivating indie-pop song about wanting to have the courage to move on. 
I am very fond of the pulsating distorted bass, hazy synths and playful, bouncy soundscaped that beautifully back his gorgeous vocals. I am really enjoying how the song's upbeat production contrasts with the emotional and melancholic lyrical content that talks about wanting to move on even though you're still longing for someone so much that you unconsciously see and feel them everywhere you go. Augustine's soulful falsetto chorus is another great element in this song that seals the deal for me and the whole atmosphere is quite warm and dreamy, making it perfect for a chill evening at home. The song reminds me of those bittersweet summer days when you're all alone, looking at the sunset and thinking about that special someone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Augustine said,
Even though you’re trying to forget and move on, your mind is so obsessed with the thought of running into that person that sometimes you even trick yourself into thinking that you’ve noticed that familiar fragrance. But of course it turns out it’s not them, it never is. As you pass through her subway station, you fantasize about getting off the train and buying her dinner. ‘What’s for tonight, pasta or pizza?’ Instead, you stay in your seat as the doors close and the train rolls on”.