Adum Shares New Single ‘Tell Me Something’ ft. RXSEBOY

Rising London-based singer and songwriter Adum has just shared his third single Tell Me Something, featuring Florida-based rapper RXSEBOY. 
Out now via Balance It Out, Tell Me Something is a song about realising the person you had strong feelings for someone will never feel the same about you. It shows that it is important to know your self-worth and move on from a toxic situation. This relatable message is wrapped around a warm pop production packed with lush guitar plucks, steady percussion and warm atmospherics on which Adum's stunning vocals soar effortlessly over. I am loving the tone of his vocals and how they are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting us to his storytelling. I am also very fond of RXSEBOY's rap which sounds quite smooth and gives the song that extra touch that makes it even more memorable. This is one of those songs perfect to play on a relaxing day at home and you can check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Adum said,
I was so obsessed with this girl, everything she did was amazing to me. I took her word as gospel, and thought of her as some angel who could do no wrong. However, she only pretended to see me in the same light. She would lead me on, create plans and cancel them at the last minute, but still keep me close enough that all of my attention was on her… And she did it on purpose. Eventually, I caught on to what she was doing. after making and cancelling eight different plans, and in the process making me feel like nothing - like less than nothing… I told myself as much as you think you like her you need to stop trying to water a dead plant.